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Domina Easton's Books

All things fantasy, omegaverse, and sci-fi. You can expect novels, novellas, kindle-vella stories, LGBTQIA+ elements, and hopefully some really swoon-worthy who-choose/heros/heroins!



Omega On Top

-- Omega on Top is now streaming --
Being an Omega is never easy especially when you are the one who likes to be on top.


I live to stream and stream to live. I’m the top performer on the adult streaming site WatchMe with all the good and bad that comes with being the omega on top. With very little outside of NEST Inc, my catch-all agent, to keep me occupied I’m more than pleased to stream every day of the week. When my latest stream makes me a millionaire I feel the urge to step up my game and like every good crisis it starts with new hair. 


Upgraded microphones? Check. New rope? Check. Split dye? Check. The world is never black and white but my new hair is. I’m keen to keep the attention of my audience all tied up, and when I host a week of private streams for top donors, a spur-of-the-moment action turns into much more than I ever expected.


Lucian - Pack Harding 

I’m an alpha who has no problem admitting he loves to bottom. OmegaOnTop is everything I want and more. With my pack having a gaping hole where our omega should be, I’m racking my brain with ways to make her ours. When I win the big bid and a pair of her slick-soaked undergarments show up at my house, I’m knocked on my backside.


She’s my scent match. Our scent match, it turns out. When my packmates come to me with questions about the large charge on our pack credit card and a strangely delicious scent in our home that isn't a baked good, they fall head over knot for her too.


Coming clean and spilling the beans means I finally get to meet her- but at what cost?

Things spiral out of control fast with this story, as is the way when you deal with alphas, omegas, and one beta who wants them all.

Content Warnings:

Stalking. Mentions of sexual assault. Intense feelings of loneliness. Insta-love/lust that leads to intense thoughts. Strong personalities. Money solving problems. Unexpected heat. Parental abandonment. 


Be kind to yourself and if any of these may cause you discomfort please don't read or consider taking it one chapter at a time.


There are both MMFMM and MM sex scenes in this book.


ebook-new (1).jpg

Fear of Missing our Omega


            Halloween-loving fashion designer Laci French is determined to finally get tickets to the yearly Jelsick's House Party, an event held by Humminghunt Industries to let their creatives go wild. When she logs on to buy her tickets there’s only one problem - the event is for betas only, and Laci is very much an omega. A moment of guilt later and the tickets are bought, and her costume is planned. For a pretty blonde omega named after the titular character, the theme A Dream of Wonder was just something she couldn’t miss.



            There’s nothing Jules Gomez loves more than Halloween. Being the only actual beta in his pack means that normally he gets the short end of the stick, but this year, being a beta is an advantage. Caspian, one of the pack's alphas, found out about a forty-eight-hour experience and instead of a coming out party, they want to go to this  so the only beta in the pack did a little embellishing of the other’s designations so they could all attend the beta only event. What could go wrong?

Content Warnings:

   Body horror. Non-consensual drugging. Torture. Blood and gore and lots of spit. Sex while drugged. Drug-induced heat. Feelings of drowning. Anxiety.


Be kind to yourself and if any of these may cause you discomfort please don't read or consider taking it one chapter at a time.


There are both MFMMNbi sex scenes in this book.



A Knight of The Fox Court

Included in the Queer & Cute Anthology.

Sir Thomas of Brickend is a knight that appeared from nowhere and took the kingdom by storm. His passion, intelligence, and uncanny ability to handle the fae is unparalleled. When he hears of a tourney where the royal family will be in attendance he can't say no to an opportunity to prove his worth to them.


Stories of Princess Emma do the woman no justice, even more beautiful and witty then Thomas expected he wants nothing more than to be her start. The connection between the two is instant.


Can Thomas prove himself in the tourney and win the royal's favor?



How to Buy an Omega

It's never easy finding the perfect omega, so the Bardin pack has decided to find theirs at the prestigious Silverfast Auction.


Calliope Wentworth was born for this.


Her mother was hand selected at the auction for her pack and so shall her daughter be. It's a tradition for some of the most wealthy packs in the world to come to the Silverfast Auction on the first day of bidding and leave before the final sale with their omega.


It just so happens Calli is up first for bidding.



Our Wold of Blood

There is no use crying over spilled blood.


Harley knows that well, she has been a vampire for a few thousand years. So when she finds herself taking care of a college-aged fledgling vampire, who is so lost in world of the night, she has no clue what to do but to be who she always is. A bold, cunning, and dominant vampire who takes no nonsense from anyone, not even this fledgling brat.

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